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Denso Upstream Oxygen Sensor

Product Introduction Automotive oxygen sensor is the major sensor component in electronic fuel injection engine control system, and is the key part to control automotive exhaust emission, reduce automotive pollution…

  1. Product Introduction

Automotive oxygen sensor is the major sensor component in electronic fuel injection engine control system, and is the key part to control automotive exhaust emission, reduce automotive pollution and improve fuel combustion quality. Oxygen sensor is used in the feedback control system of the electronic control fuel injection device, to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas and the air fuel ratio. It is also used to monitor theoretical air fuel ratio (14.7:1) combustion in the engine, and to provide feedback signals to the computer.


  1. Product Specification & Application
DOX-0106 – 4 Wires
Technical Information
Designation Lambda sensor
Number of wires 4
Wire Harness Length 750 mm
Denso Part number DOX-0106
Can be used instead of the following products (OE Number)
DAIHATSU        89465B1030

TOYOTA   8946502150

TOYOTA   89465-02150

TOYOTA   8946512750

TOYOTA   89465-12750

TOYOTA   8946520780

TOYOTA   89465-20780

TOYOTA   8946525040

TOYOTA   89465-25040

TOYOTA   8946550190

TOYOTA   89465-50190

TOYOTA   8946512710

TOYOTA   89465-12710

TOYOTA   8946520820

TOYOTA   89465-20820

TOYOTA   8946522300

TOYOTA   89465-22300

TOYOTA   8946530720

TOYOTA   89465-30720

TOYOTA   8946505080

TOYOTA   89465-05080

TOYOTA   894650D110

TOYOTA   89465-0D110

TOYOTA   894650K010

TOYOTA   89465-0K010

TOYOTA   8946530710

TOYOTA   89465-30710

TOYOTA   8946535710

TOYOTA   89465-35710

TOYOTA   8946548130

TOYOTA   89465-48130

TOYOTA   8946560230

TOYOTA   89465-60230

TOYOTA   894650D080

TOYOTA   89465-0D080

TOYOTA   8946528270

TOYOTA   89465-28270

TOYOTA   8946550180

TOYOTA   89465-50180

TOYOTA   8946552170

TOYOTA   89465-52170

TOYOTA   8946502310

TOYOTA   89465-02310

TOYOTA   8946512880

TOYOTA   89465-12880

TOYOTA   8946558090

TOYOTA   89465-58090

TOYOTA   8946563040

TOYOTA   89465-63040

TOYOTA   8946563050

TOYOTA   89465-63050

TOYOTA   8946512740

TOYOTA   89465-12740

TOYOTA   8946520830

TOYOTA   89465-20830

TOYOTA   8946526120

TOYOTA   89465-26120

TOYOTA   8946548160

TOYOTA   89465-48160

TOYOTA   8946558100

TOYOTA   89465-58100

TOYOTA   8946513030

TOYOTA   89465-13030

TOYOTA   8946520770

TOYOTA   89465-20770

TOYOTA   8946526110

TOYOTA   89465-26110

TOYOTA   8946535700

TOYOTA   89465-35700

TOYOTA   8946548150

TOYOTA   89465-48150

TOYOTA   8946552250

TOYOTA   89465-52250

TOYOTA   8946552330

TOYOTA   89465-52330

TOYOTA   8946560220

TOYOTA   89465-60220

Suitable for the following vehicles

LEXUS:      GS Saloon, LS Saloon



  1. Product Features

This upstream oxygen sensor is developed with our own technology, and has the following advantage:

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • PTFE filter blocks efficiency-robbing contaminants
  • Refined zirconia element improves sensor response
  • Superior design maximizes engine performance and fuel efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions
Items Leading Tech Normal Assembly Plant in China
Sensor elements 1. Developed and produced using our own technologies, with Pt paste imported from US and zirconia powder from Germany.

2. We employ fully automatic European production equipment to control quality & cost, and ensure performance of the final product is stable.

Bought from random element vendors, with no control over quality consistency.
Air leakage < 0.2 ml/min with longer service life ~2 ml/min, and service life is not guaranteed.
Hexagon Housing Bar material from large scale steel mill Cold heading material from small and medium size steel mill
Corrugated and outer tube Imported from Germany Domestic material
Double protection tube Thickened 310S stainless steel Normal thickness and other material
Laser welding Continuous laser welding machine with a power of 1 KW, which ensures a welding depth of 1.5 mm-2 mm. Alternative welding machine with a power of 300w-500w, which results in insufficient rigidity.
Assembly equipment Fully imported air cylinder with high automation, which ensures smooth riveting Domestic equipment with manual operation


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