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Bosch 13942 Oxygen Sensor

Product Introduction Automotive oxygen sensor is the major sensor component in electronic fuel injection engine control system, and is the key part to control automotive exhaust emission, reduce automotive pollution…

  1. Product Introduction

Automotive oxygen sensor is the major sensor component in electronic fuel injection engine control system, and is the key part to control automotive exhaust emission, reduce automotive pollution and improve fuel combustion quality. Oxygen sensor is used in the feedback control system of the electronic control fuel injection device, to detect the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gas and the air fuel ratio. It is also used to monitor theoretical air fuel ratio (14.7:1) combustion in the engine, and to provide feedback signals to the computer.


  1. Product Specification & Application
0 258 003 942 – 4 Wires
Technical Information
Designation Lambda sensor
Number of wires 4
Overall length 300 mm
Bosch Part number 13942, 0258003942
Type formula LSH-6
Can be used instead of the following products (OE Number)
FORD        AS01 18861 A

FORD        E77F 9F472 AA

FORD        E97F-9F472-A

FORD        E9EF-9F472-EA

FORD        F03Z-9F472-AA

FORD        F0PZ-9F472-A

FORD        F6SF-9F472-AA

FORD        F6SF-9F472-CA

FORD        F6SZ-9F472-A

FORD        E77F-9F472-AB

FORD        E93F-9F472-DA

FORD        F02F-9F472-AA

FORD        F02Z9F472C

FORD        E6SE-9F472-CA

FORD        E77F 9F472 BA

FORD        E7TF 9F472 AA

FORD        E97F9 F472 AA

FORD        E9SF 9F472 AA

FORD        E65Z-9F472-A

FORD        E6SE-9F472-BA

FORD        E6SF-9F472-BA

FORD        F0PZ-9F472-AA

FORD        E6SF-9F472-CA

FORD        E93F9 F472 AA

FORD        E93F-9F472-EA

FORD        E9EF-9F472-AA

FORD        E9WF-9F472-AA

FORD        E9WZ 9F472 A

FORD        E6SF-9F472-AA

FORD        E6SZ 9F472 B

FORD        E7TF-9F472-BA

FORD        E7TZ 9F472 A

FORD        E9EF-9F472-DA

FORD        E9PF-9F472-AA

FORD        F6SZ-9F472-B

FORD        FO2Z-9F472-C

FORD        F03F-9F472-A

FORD        F6SF-9F472-BA

FORD        E6SE-9F472-AA

FORD        E6SG-9F472-A

FORD        E6TZ-9F472-AA

FORD        E7TF-9F472-A

FORD        E95F-9F472-AA

FORD        FO3Z 9F472 A

FORD        FOSZ 9F472 A

FORD USA         FOSZ9F472A




MAZDA    AS01-18-861A

MAZDA    ZZM0-18-861


MERCURY        FO3Z9F472A

MERCURY        E9WZ9F472A

Suitable for the following vehicles
FORD        AEROSTAR        1986-1991

FORD        BRONCO  1987-1990

FORD        BRONCO II       1987-1990

FORD        COUNTRY SQUIRE   1987-1991

FORD        E-150        1986-1990

FORD        E-250        1986-1990

FORD        E-350        1986-1989

FORD        ESCORT    1987-1991

FORD        EXP  1987-1988

FORD        F-150        1987-1990

FORD        F-250        1987-1988

FORD        LTD CROWN VICTORIA    1987-1991

FORD        MUSTANG        1987-1993

FORD        PROBE      1990-1992

FORD        RANGER  1987-1992

FORD        TAURUS   1987-1995

FORD        THUNDERBIRD        1987-1990



LINCOLN  TOWN CAR       1987-1990

MAZDA    B2300       1994

MERCURY        COLONY PARK 1987-1991

MERCURY        COUGAR  1987-1990

MERCURY        GRAND MARQUIS   1987-1991

MERCURY        LYNX         1987

MERCURY        SABLE       1987-1990

MERCURY        TRACER   1991


  1. Product Features

This 13942 oxygen sensor is developed with our own technology, and has the following advantage:

Items Leading Tech Normal Assembly Plant in China
Sensor elements 1. Developed and produced using our own technologies, with Pt paste imported from US and zirconia powder from Germany.

2. We employ fully automatic European production equipment to control quality & cost, and ensure performance of the final product is stable.

Bought from random element vendors, with no control over quality consistency.
Air leakage < 0.2 ml/min with longer service life ~2 ml/min, and service life is not guaranteed.
Hexagon Housing Bar material from large scale steel mill Cold heading material from small and medium size steel mill
Corrugated and outer tube Imported from Germany Domestic material
Double protection tube Thickened 310S stainless steel Normal thickness and other material
Laser welding Continuous laser welding machine with a power of 1 KW, which ensures a welding depth of 1.5 mm-2 mm. Alternative welding machine with a power of 300w-500w, which results in insufficient rigidity.
Assembly equipment Fully imported air cylinder with high automation, which ensures smooth riveting Domestic equipment with manual operation


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