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What happens when the car oxygen sensor breaks down?

Nov 19,2018

1. In the current oxygen sensor failure, the ECU can not get the oxygen concentration information in the exhaust pipe, so can not be the concentration of the mixture feedback control, (fuel injection and intake more or less, ECU simply do not know) in this way, the motivation fuel consumption and exhaust pollution increased, the engine will appear idle instability, fire shortage, surge and other fault phenomena.

2. Post-oxygen failure means that it is impossible to judge the operating conditions of ternary catalysis, once the ternary catalysis failure, then the exhaust gas will exceed the standard, light oil consumption affects the engine working conditions, heavy impact on the annual review or direct replacement of ternary catalysis. Cars usually have two oxygen sensors, a front oxygen and a post-oxygen, the anterior oxygen is generally installed on the exhaust manifold, the posterior oxygen is installed behind the ternary catalyst, they play a different role in the exhaust system, so the symptoms of the bad performance will be different.

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