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Oxygen sensor failure performance of those

Nov 19,2018

Most of the engine’s electronic control system has a self-test function, when the oxygen sensor or related parts of the failure, the computer will automatically note the fault content, maintenance personnel only need to use a special decoder to read out the fault code can find the problem. But what if there’s no special equipment?

Here are a few ways to quickly check the quality of the oxygen sensor.

If it is suspected that the failure of idling instability or poor acceleration is caused by oxygen sensor, the maintenance only need to unplug the oxygen sensor connector, if the engine failure disappears, it is indicated that the oxygen sensor has been damaged, must be replaced, if the engine failure is still, then also look for reasons from other places. The high impedance voltage meter can also be used to check the quality of the oxygen sensor.

The voltmeter is parallel to the output end of the oxygen sensor, under normal circumstances, the voltage should change between the 0-1V, the median value is around 500mV, if the output voltage maintains a certain value for a long time without change, it indicates that the oxygen sensor has been damaged. In fact, the oxygen sensor is a fairly durable component that can be used for 3 years or more as long as the fuel quality passes. Most of the abnormal damage of oxygen sensor is caused by excessive lead content in fuel. In this regard, drivers driving cars equipped with ternary catalytic devices must be taken seriously.

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