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How did the car oxygen sensor react?

Nov 19,2018

Oxygen sensor failure will generally light the lights, the engine will shake, exhaust has a sudden sound, there is a smell of choking nose, fuel consumption will increase, you can use the fault diagnosis instrument to detect the voltage,

Generally between 0.1 and 1 volts constantly changing, the number of changes 10 seconds more than 8 times, if the voltage changes between 0.1-0.5 volts, indicating that the mixture is too thin, if the change between 0.5-1 volts, indicating that the mixture is too strong, if between 0.4-0.5, indicating that the oxygen sensor is damaged. For electronic circuits, the various outputs of the sensor are ultimately a voltage value, after a chip called “ADC” is converted to a number, sent to the processor after processing (filtering, correction … ), plus the unit symbol, sent to the display panel for you to watch.

Technically, “jump” per second (actually refreshing display) is simple more than hundreds of times.

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